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Friday, November 25, 2005

Introducing Sabah, Malaysia Borneo - An Emerging Tropical Island Vacation Capital

The Malaysian state of Sabah, located at the northeast corner of the island of Borneo, is well positioned to offer a unique tropical island vacation flavor with a difference.

In fact..., with a very big difference.

There is more to Sabah, Malaysia Borneo than the sunny tropical weather, beautiful white sandy beaches, tropical island backdrop, clear crystal waters, and rich ocean and marine life.

Unlike most tropical island vacation destinations in the world, Sabah offers an array of activities from adventure and nature to wildlife on top of a world class tropical beach vacation.

What makes Sabah, Malaysia Borneo a unique tropical island vacation spot...?

Given its unique geographical advantage where within 76,115 square kilometers (or 29,388 square miles or slightly smaller than the US state of South Carolina), you can...

  • laze around in white pristine and unspoiled tropical beaches
  • conquer the highest peak in South East Asia
  • encounter wildlife in their natural habitat
  • admire the largest flower in the world
  • appreciate the culture of the colorful indigenous peoples
  • rough it out in controlled adventure vacation sites
  • brave the river rapids on a white water rafting adventure
  • be one with nature in the world of million years old rainforests
  • dive into some of the world's best underwater wonderlands
  • explore the underwater cave of the world's only mushroom-shaped world class dive spot

If you are planning for your next Tropical island Vacation, or thinking of exploring a new and exciting Tropical Vacation destination, please explore Sabah personally to find out why it is an ideal choice for your dream tropical island vacation.

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